Pit bull was given for euthanasia due to the appearance of the fifth child in the family

A Pit Bull called Stormy lived for two years in a family with four children and lots of animals. When the family had their fifth child, the dog was sent to a shelter to be euthanized… but just moments before the gruesome procedure, a miracle happened. What’s up with Stormy now? You certainly haven’t seen a happier dog!

Stormy is the perfect family dog. He is good with children, dogs, and cats.

He is gentle, affectionate and playful. He is two years old and has lived with a single family of four children, two dogs and a cat since he was a puppy, getting on well with everyone. But when the family had a fifth child, the owners decided that the active Stormy no longer belonged there.

The pit bull was sent to a Brooklyn shelter, where they put him on the euthanasia list for lack of space. There was fear and sadness in the eyes of the abandoned dog – it is impossible to look at the first pictures of Stormy from the shelter without emotion.

Then the photos of the dog on the shelter’s page were spotted by Alana Guerrini, a volunteer at the local Eleventh Hour Rescue. The woman couldn’t stand the heartbreaking sight.

The broken-hearted pit bull’s life was in jeopardy, and Alana hurried as fast as she could. “He was supposed to be put to sleep at 5:00 p.m. It was 4:58 or 4:59 p.m. when the shelter staff told me – we’ve taken the dog off the list, he’s yours now,” the volunteer said.

Alana and her 16-year-old son took the dog to their house. All the way home Stormy smiled, wagged his tail and licked his rescuers, not hiding his gratitude!
The woman knew that the dog lived with a large family, but she had never expected how gentle and kind this creature would be.

“One day he was playing with my son and his hand happened to be in the dog’s mouth. Stormy opened his mouth and slowly pulled his head back so he wouldn’t hurt my son,” Alana says. – “That’s when I realized I was madly in love with this dog.”

Stormy became surprisingly attached to his rescuers. When Alana’s son wasn’t feeling well and was lying in bed, the dog would stay in his room all day and follow him when he got up. All he needed was to socialize with people and be loved.

Alana still can’t believe that Stormy’s former family abandoned him so easily… But the woman hopes that soon a worthy family will be found for him who will truly love such a treasure!

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